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Updates To Make Your Home Move-in Ready

Most buyers are looking for a house that won’t require major updates or renovations immediately, so they can take their time personalizing the space. Before putting your home on the market, try these simple updates to impress buyers and help ensure a quick sale.

  • Fresh paint – Crisp, neutral wall colors mean that buyers won’t be rushed to make a quick decision on new paint after moving in. Touch up any marks on walls and trim.
  • Clean flooring – Inspect the floorcoverings in your house and take note of any stains or scratches. Thoroughly vacuum or mop all floors, and fill in any scratches or dents in hardwoods. Consider renting a carpet steamer or hiring a pro for stubborn stains.
  • Modern fixtures – Updating cabinet hardware, light fixtures or faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms can make a big visual impact.
  • Curb appeal – Tidy up the landscaping so it looks easy to maintain. Also, consider updating the exterior light fixtures or painting the front door for an extra pop of interest.

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Creating Functional Entry Drop-Zones

While a mudroom may have once been considered a nonessential bonus area, the pandemic has changed how we think about entering and leaving our homes. Some industry experts are now referring to these spaces as “disinfection rooms” due to the need for a place to stash masks, sanitize hands and disinfect objects before venturing farther into your home. Even after the height of the pandemic fades, having a designated space for shoes, coats, rain gear, backpacks, and keys will help keep your household uncluttered and organized.

Consider the following suggestions to maximize your current space.

Location: As a general design rule, it’s best to create a robust mudroom next to the door that you use most frequently; however, you may want to consider adding mini “drop-zones” next to each entrance as well. Look for unused space in a corner or hallway where you can add a storage unit and a bench. Or, make the most of empty vertical space with wall-mounted hooks and a floating shelf.

Functionality: A mudroom should help you easily transition to and from your home, so begin by asking yourself what it takes to get out the door. How can you organize your space in order to streamline processes such as putting on your shoes or finding the keys?

Aesthetics: A functional mudroom doesn’t have to mean a dull design. Use a similar color palette to tie the space into adjoining rooms, install attractive hooks or shelving, and show off your style with throw pillows, a vintage mirror or decorative baskets.

Add the elements that serve your household best:

  • Hooks for jackets, scarves, hats, masks, and pet leashes
  • Bench for putting on and taking off shoes
  • Baskets or trays for storing footwear and accessories
  • Paper tray or wall organizer for mail and school papers
  • Machine-washable area rug
  • Table or shelf for holding a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Decorative catch-all tray for keys, wallet and change
  • Built-in food bowls for pets
  • Bins or cubbies for purses, backpacks and any other miscellaneous items

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Moving? 3 Tips To Ease the Headache

It’s no secret that moving can be a tedious process, so use these tips to cut down on the stress.

  1. Get rid of the excess. It’s obviously easier to move and unpack less stuff, so be ruthless in purging any belongings that you no longer use or won’t really need in your new home.
  2. Label boxes specifically. Nothing is more frustrating than going to plug in a device and being unable to find the power cord, or sitting down to dinner and not knowing which box marked “Kitchen” contains the silverware. In addition to labeling boxes according to room, note the specific contents for more important items.
  3. Designate a holding area for boxes. It’s difficult to unpack when you’re tripping over other boxes, so designate the garage or an extra bedroom to store boxes until you’re ready to unpack each one.

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Choosing a Home Inspector

Inspections are a crucial part of the home-buying process. For potential buyers, the inspection ensures that they are fully aware of any issues with the house and enables them to request repairs before the closing. Sellers may decide to have their own inspection done prior to listing their property in order to make any repairs beforehand and increase the chances of a quick sale for the best price.

To help make sure you hire a quality inspector, ask your real estate agent for two or three recommendations, then evaluate the top contenders based on the following criteria.

  • Amount of experience: How many home inspections (over how many years) have they completed? What kinds of homes and special features have they inspected?
  • Sample reports: Ask to review some reports of past inspections to see how thorough they actually were. This will also prepare you to be aware of what types of items to expect to see on your own report.
  • Openness to questions: It’s a red flag when the inspector won’t allow you to participate in the inspection in order to answer your questions about potential problems as you’re walking through the house.

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Why FSBOs Tend To Fail

While selling your house on your own may seem like an easy way to save money, it could actually delay the sale of your home and create more stress. Consider these common reasons why for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) properties typically fail, according to Inman.com.

  • Limited access – You may miss out if you don’t have someone actively managing your listing, responding to calls and scheduling showings. If buyers can’t tour your home in a timely manner, they may move on.
  • Incorrect pricing – Real estate agents spend considerable time on market research to determine competitive pricing. Without this expertise, you’re likely to price your property based on what you want it to be worth, rather than its true market value.
  • Lack of marketing – A yard sign and a few online ads may not be enough to attract the right buyer. Experienced agents provide access to their network and professional marketing resources.

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