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Some Retirees say “Rah, Rah” to College Towns

When you dream of retirement, the life you imagine may not include living in a town that’s buzzing with energy and hordes of young adults. But if you want to spend your retirement learning, growing or reinventing yourself, then co-mingling with collegians might be just what you need.

Living near a college or university means you’ll likely have convenient access to lots of amenities. Retirees can enjoy cultural events, entertainment, sports, and lectures. Many schools offer you the opportunity to explore interests that you never had time to pursue during your working years.

College communities are also ideal for vibrant, active lifestyles, and owning a house in the area can be a great asset. According to Realtor.com®, “Owning a home in a college town is also often a smart investment since there will always be strong, steady demand from both young and old buyers as well as rental opportunities for those interested in becoming landlords.”

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Projects That Most Increase Seller ROI

If you plan to put your house on the market soon, you may wonder which remodeling projects will attract the most attention from potential buyers and give you the biggest return on investment (ROI). Consider the buyer’s perspective when making decisions about which projects will most help you sell your house. This may be hard when you’re especially fond of certain features in your home. Here are a few remodeling projects that will usually help buyers notice the beauty that you’ve seen all along.

Make a Great First Impression
Take a good look at your home’s exterior. Does the curb appeal need a little boost? A fresh coat of paint on your front door can create a clean, welcoming entry for potential buyers. However, if it needs to be replaced, give that some consideration. According to TheMotleyFool.com, it’s possible to recoup up to 91% of your investment in a new front door.

Spruce Up Your Living Space
Simply clearing clutter and unused furniture can instantly enhance a room. Think about repainting interior walls after decluttering. Painting is a relatively inexpensive improvement, and upgrading color with a neutral, on-trend palette allows buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

Pay Attention to Your Kitchen
Your kitchen can make or break the deal. Crunch the numbers before deciding whether kitchen upgrades will be worth the expense. As noted by MillionAcres.com, “At an average cost of $26,214, you’re likely to add $18,927 of resale value to your property – 72% of your cost.” If you’d rather not live in a construction zone, simple fixes like new hardware or an updated backsplash provide an easy facelift for your kitchen.


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Ask “Why” Before Asking “How Much” You Can Afford

When you want to determine how much house you can afford, leave your calculator in the drawer — at least in the beginning. Instead, think about the specific reasons “why” you want to buy a home in the first place. Allow your lifestyle goals and values to initially guide your decision-making.

Then, calculate your debt-to-income ratio. That’s the percentage you get when you divide all of your monthly debt payments by your pre-tax income. Depending on your lender, the approved ratio could range between 36% to 43%. Plan to get pre-approved by your lender, which will help you make more accurate estimates. You can also use an online home affordability calculator.

Be sure to have a candid discussion about your dreams and goals with your real estate agent. You might want to set some anticipated milestone events for five, 10 and 20 years in the future. This can help you decide how long it makes sense for you to stay in your new house before upsizing or downsizing.


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Pet Tricks To Ease Your Move

Pets are very intuitive, so when you’re packing for a move, they may wonder what’s up. Minimize your pet’s moving anxiety with these tips.

Update prescriptions and shots, then forward the records to your new vet. Prepare for the journey by filling a travel crate with favorite toys and blankets. If your pets aren’t used to cars or crates, do some trial runs.

Arrange for friends or family to care for your pets on moving day. If that’s not possible, keep pets in a quiet, safe space away from the action. On the road, keep them comfortable and take frequent breaks.

Initially, keep pets in one area and slowly introduce them to other rooms of the house. Fill the space with toys, blankets and fabrics that smell like your last home. Update tags and microchips with your new contact information.


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Are You Waiting for the Market to Cool?

Endless stories about rising prices and highly competitive bidding gave many buyers pause over the last year. Is it still wise to wait for the market to cool in 2022?

Increased housing inventory is expected to help reduce recent cutthroat competition. Housing demand is also expected to ease somewhat thanks to many buyers who have stepped out of the market during this time of frenzied bidding wars. The combination of these dynamics could make it a bit easier for buyers who’ve been waiting out the market to make their move.

If you want to buy a new home this year, start planning now by getting your house ready to list, talking with your real estate agent and locking down your financing.


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