October 2023 Newsletter

Are the Holidays a Good Time To Sell?

If you’re thinking of selling your home during the holidays, you might be in for a treat that’s sweeter than grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. While many homeowners are hesitant to list their property during this busy time of year, it actually offers advantages you won’t find at other times. Here are some benefits that can make selling your house during the holidays a recipe for success.

Less Competition
November through February typically see fewer homes on the market compared to spring and summer. This scarcity can be beneficial as reduced competition may attract more buyer attention.

Serious Buyers
Despite fewer buyers overall during winter, those in the market are often more motivated and committed. They might need to relocate quickly due to job changes or other life events.

Quicker Decision-Making
With fewer homes available, buyers tend to make faster decisions. This can expedite negotiation and closing processes.

Seasonal Appeal
Many homes are especially inviting in winter, notably those with cozy features like fireplaces or heated flooring. A few touches of seasonal decorations, such as wreaths, string lights or candles, can create a warm ambience that resonates with potential buyers.

Tax Considerations
Some buyers may want to finalize their home purchase to take advantage of year-end tax benefits. For different tax reasons, others may prefer to close right after the new year begins.

Luxury Home-Staging Trends Anyone Can Follow

Staging your home for resale helps potential buyers imagine themselves living there, which can ultimately lead to a quicker sale. Take staging to the next level with these luxury home ideas from the pros.

Mid-century organic elegance brings back vibrant hues, warm tones and natural wood finishes. Add afghans and throw pillows with nostalgic textures to furnishings in living areas and bedrooms.

Known for its all-embracing vibe, bohemian design is also making an appearance in luxury home staging. “Boho” decor revolves around nature and soft colors. Invest in decorative items that you can take with you after the sale.

There is plenty of room for minimalism in home staging. Fewer decorative elements allow unique home features to stand out. Create open, harmonious buyer experiences by spaciously arranging furniture.

As remote work continues in popularity, a nicely staged home office ensures easy move-in transitions. A roomy, comfortable, high-tech workspace with ample lighting underscores adaptability to modern work trends.

Understand Your Down Payment Options

Turning homeownership goals into reality includes understanding the numerous choices available to you regarding down payments. Here are some programs and options that can help you reach your target, whether you’re a first-time buyer or making a move-up purchase.

While many traditional mortgage lenders require a 20% down payment, there are options that call for less money down. FHA loan down payments are as low as 3.5%. VA and USDA loans often allow zero money down, but each option does have minimum credit score requirements.

Explore state and federal down payment assistance programs. Generous family members can also gift buyers with down payment money, but lenders usually require a gift letter and proof of funds transfer.

Discuss these options with your lender. Meanwhile, consider maximizing your savings by setting up automatic transfers from your paycheck directly into your savings account. Look for additional ways to set aside funds for your down payment, including saving a specific portion of pay raises, bonuses or tax refunds.

Does Your Home Need an EV Charger?

New generations of buyers are reshaping the concept of the ideal home, which might include an electronic vehicle (EV) charger. Consider these facts.

  • Level 1 charging (L1) uses a manufacturer-provided cable and runs through a standard 120V outlet — no installation is required.
  • Level 2 charging (L2) is hardwired to your home or connected to a 240V outlet.
  • Level 3 charging (L3) is currently limited to commercial sites due to high power needs.

Aside from the markedly faster charge, if your community lacks public L2 or L3 chargers, installing an L2 is a modest investment and may be attractive to future buyers.

Unexpected Things To Look for at an Open House

When attending an open house, keep an eye out for some critical — and maybe unexpected — factors that can help ensure you make an informed decision. In general, it’s wise to visit a property multiple times at different times of the day or evening. When touring the house, pay close attention to these details.

Natural Lighting
Assess the amount of natural light coming into the house during the timing of your visit.

Unusual Odors
Don’t overlook unusual or strong odors, such as mustiness, mold, pet smells, or even strong air fresheners that might be masking issues.

Noise Level
Listen for any noise from the surrounding area, such as traffic, neighbors or other disturbances that might affect your comfort.

Gut Feeling
Trust your intuition. Take note of how you feel while exploring the house and whether you can envision yourself living there.

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