Elevate Your Bathroom With These 5 Swanky Instagram Looks

By Larissa Runklerealtor.comJan 28, 2022

Bathrooms are one of those functional spaces we tend to gloss over in our decor plans—barely even noticing them until they’re messy or in need of a good scrub-down.

But the bathrooms (or shall we say washrooms, which sounds infinitely fancier) that took over Instagram this week are anything but neglected.

Instead, these five trending bathroom looks offer a sophisticated respite from the typical blah bath decor. So if you need a bit of visual inspiration to kick things up a notch (or three), check out these unconventional washroom looks you’ll immediately want to steal.

1. Black bathroom

If you want to create a chic scene in your washroom, try an all-black look like this one from @miltonandking.

“Black bathrooms are all about drama and moodiness,” says designer Doreen Amico-Sorell, of Sorell Interiors. “They are especially popular in a powder room, which is often treated like a little jewel box, able to be adorned any way you like.”

Get the look: Embellish your washroom with this Yubi black palm trees wallpaper.

2. Disco ball chandelier

Soak in a tub and dream of dancing with an unforgettable statement chandelier like this disco-inspired one from @chelsgc.

“I’m in love with the disco ball chandelier,” says designer Maggie Clarke, of Maggie Clarke Interiors. “I just used one in a project to infuse femininity amongst other masculine and sharp-edged elements. In addition, this type of chandelier serves as a beautiful focal point for a bathroom.”

Get the look: Bring some fun 1970s energy into your bathroom with a cabaret chrome pendant.

3. Popsicle stick tile

This tile design is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. Pretty in pink and elegant in its own right, the popsicle stick tile from @chandeliers.and.champagne is one to consider for your next bathroom upgrade.

“This is such a fun way to add a pop of color and pattern in an otherwise utilitarian space,” says Clarke. “Bathrooms have a lot of cold elements such as floor tile, shower doors, and mirrors. Adding a curved shape creates beautiful balance. How fun would this be in a kids bathroom?”

Get the look: Bring on the beautiful balance with this Axis ceramic wall tile.

4. Contrasting wallpapers

Have a wallpaper you simply adore? Then why not try it out in every color—or at least in two shades to create a contrasting design like this one from @divinesavages.

“Contrast is such a beautiful way to add interest to a wall,” says Clarke. “Much like throw pillows, wallpapers don’t have to be ‘twins’—just make sure they’re ‘sisters.’ In other words, while contrasting wallpapers need to flow together—they don’t necessarily need to match perfectly.”

Get the look: Add some eye candy to your washroom with two different shades of this Tempaper feather flock wallpaper.

5. Concrete basin

Concrete has been everywhere in design lately—from our patio furniture to entryway tables—and now the material is creating a brand-new look for our bathroom sinks, as seen in this post from @meiraustralia.

“Concrete, when used to create a sink, can really become that statement piece,” says Amico-Sorell. “So simple, yet available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The material is also versatile enough to pair well with modern or rustic decor.”



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