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What To Expect From a Planned Wellness Community

Beyond traditional HOA-managed neighborhoods, which often feature swimming pools and playgrounds, lies a new trend in real estate built around wellness. These intentional residential developments are designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Wellness communities aim to foster healthy lifestyles and a sense of belonging — and you just might be surprised at the amenities they offer.

The Great Outdoors
Paved walking and biking pathways can stretch for miles in wellness communities. They wind through parks, playgrounds and wooded areas, providing easy access to fitness for all. Resort-style pools offer a chance to exercise and socialize with others while soaking up some vitamin D. In addition to more traditional tennis or basketball courts, neighborhoods might now feature bocce ball and pickleball courts. Outdoor amenities also include community gardens and even activities like blueberry picking.

Neighborhood Perks
Wellness communities can make daily living easier with on-site car washes, fitness classes and eateries. Grab a book at the neighborhood library or engage in self-care with salt saunas, massages or LED light therapy at the local spa.

Transformative Health Benefits
Residents in these communities report that benefits are not short-lived — they can see physical and mental changes in themselves. Whether escaping on a long nature walk or joining a mindfulness class, regular exercise and reducing stress are known to alleviate the risk of many health issues. A feeling of belonging with get-togethers like barbeques and movie nights encourages social well-being.

How To Thrive in Today’s Real Estate Market

The 2024 real estate market outlook foresees declining mortgage rates and a growing housing inventory, as economists predict a stabilizing market ahead. In the meantime, buyers facing limited options can explore various property types to broaden their choices.

If available move-in ready homes don’t match your wish list, consider a fixer-upper. Usually priced 5% to 10% lower than comparable homes, the savings can be used to customize the house for your needs.

Sales of newly constructed homes were up 4.4% in 2023, and the gap between existing and new home prices has narrowed significantly. Building can be an exciting alternative, especially if resale inventory is modest in your area.

For a low-maintenance living option, condos continue to be a reliable investment. Additionally, many condo communities offer amenities and social opportunities.

A knowledgeable real estate professional can guide you through your choices to find a home that suits your lifestyle and price point.

Tips for Living in a Staged Home

It’s probably safe to say that most people don’t live in the ultra-decluttered, pared-down, pristine environment of a house staged for sale. Residing in a home that’s always ready for showings can be exhausting but not impossible. Try these tips for navigating life in a staged home.

Start by trying to emotionally disconnect yourself from the house. Focus on where you’re going to move, and make the mental shift that you’re living in the future owner’s home.

Prepare for the sale with a deep house cleaning and thorough decluttering. Creating a clean slate can make your day-to-day maintenance manageable. It also helps if you’re not there to make messes. Go for a hike, take kids to a playground or enjoy a day trip. Be ready to clear out for showings with a “go-bag” by the door packed with snacks, drinks, books, and toys.

Keep surfaces clear. Take a few extra minutes each day to store bathroom toiletries and large kitchen appliances in cabinets. If possible, consider sending your pet and its belongings to live with friends or family while the house is on the market.

Smooth Moves for Pets

Whether it’s across the country or around the corner, moving can be hard on pets. In addition to lavishing them with love and soothing words, here are some other things to consider when relocating with your furry friends.

  • Prevent potential escapes by boarding animals on moving day or arranging for a friend or family member to care for them. If this is not possible, secure them in a crate or an empty room with familiar toys, blankets and beds.
  • Ensure no items hazardous to animals are in the new house, then introduce your pet to the space one room at a time.
  • If your pet has a microchip, update your information with your new address.

Use Home Equity To Create Generational Wealth

Did you know your house can play an important role in building generational wealth? Home equity gradually builds as you pay down your mortgage principal while real estate values rise. Passing this equity to your grown children allows you to leave a financial legacy for future generations. The following tips can help increase your home’s equity.

  • Try to make a down payment of at least 20% to avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI).
  • Resist the urge to roll closing costs into your mortgage.
  • Make extra payments toward your mortgage principal when possible.
  • Avoid tapping into home equity for large purchases, like boats or RVs.
  • Make improvements that will increase your home’s value.

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