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Sought-After Features in Historic Homes

Buying a historic home isn’t just acquiring a property — it’s embarking on a journey through time. Each creaking floorboard and weathered brick tells a story steeped in history. The attraction of owning such a home goes beyond traditional real estate ambitions. It’s a fascination with craftsmanship, architectural legacy, and the enchanting narratives woven into the very fabric of the building. Inman.com recently identified the features that buyers of a historic home find most charming.

Intricate architectural details that reflect the era in which they were constructed make these houses truly extraordinary. Here are some features you’re likely to find.

  • Elaborate crown molding, baseboards and trim
  • Ceiling medallions, exposed beams and coffers
  • Grand staircases with ornate banisters
  • Finely crafted mantels and hearths
  • Stained glass and transom windows
  • Built-in bookcases and window seats

Purchasing a house with history creates a deep respect for what has come before. The investment goes beyond financial obligations — the owners of a historic home can form warm connections with a property’s past. These attachments may be well-rooted, too. Some 100-year-old homes may only have changed ownership a few times.

Many buyers love an older home’s details but also appreciate current amenities. In historic districts, local ordinances may protect a home’s exterior integrity, but the interior can be modernized to today’s standards. Upgraded electrical and plumbing systems are essential, while authentic kitchen and bath updates often top a buyer’s wish list.

While luxury properties are often found outside city centers, historic home buyers appreciate being in the center of it all. They’re usually willing to forego open floorplans and larger lots for shorter commutes and walkable neighborhoods.

Sci-Fi Solutions To Automate Your Home

Smart home automation has revolutionized how we interact with our living spaces, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into our lives. Realtor® Magazine identified some of the top home automation features that may seem like science fiction but are available now.


  • Program interior lights to turn yellow and red, signaling kids when the school bus is arriving.
  • Automate changing outdoor lighting to a brighter setting as you approach.
  • Sync accent lighting with your television for an immersive entertainment experience.


  • Install cabinet locks that open only when your phone is nearby.
  • Program a robot vacuum to clean while you’re away.
  • Set a pet door to open with sensors in your pet’s collar.
  • Receive notifications when refrigerator or garage doors are left open.


  • Automate fans and blinds to balance room temperatures.
  • Utilize humidity sensors to increase bathroom ventilation.
  • Turn off garage heating while the door is open.

Real Estate Markets on the Rise

The Urban Land Institute recently released Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2024, its annual insight into forecasts and data. The report names the following cities as the top real estate markets to watch this year. Common themes among many of these locations include mild climates, strong job growth and affordable housing.

  1. Nashville
  2. Phoenix
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth
  4. Atlanta
  5. Austin
  6. San Diego
  7. Boston
  8. San Antonio
  9. Raleigh/Durham
  10. Seattle

Home-Selling Strategies for Parents

Juggling house showings, kids’ schedules and typical family messes is a difficult task. But with some planning and fortitude, you can turn your house into the star attraction for potential buyers while keeping the family circus running smoothly.

One of the first things to do is declutter and create order. Involve your children by letting them sort through their toys and clothes. Pack up unnecessary items early in the process.

Create a neutral decor by removing family photos, collections and sentimental items on display. At the same time, staging an organized, inviting play area will show buyers with children that the house can meet their needs.

Naptimes and mealtimes are important parts of kids’ routines. It can be challenging to have showings scheduled during these times, but try to remain flexible. Make a list of fun places for quick getaways, or plan to visit family and friends.

Lastly, the moving process can make kids feel insecure. Maintain a sense of normalcy so they feel comfortable and safe.

New Year, New Kitchen

Are you planning to update your kitchen this year? 2024 is cooking up some new trends to enhance your renovation recipe. Plus, kitchen improvements boost resale value.

This year, you can expect to see distinctive textures and rich finishes in kitchens. Consider matte, embossed or rough-hewn backsplash tiles. Incorporate a solid stone island with carved, fluted detailing. Add sizzle with a decorative range hood.

Clean Lines
Simplicity in kitchen design remains a cornerstone. For a sleek look, try recessed cabinet pulls, and opt for cabinets that reach the ceiling to maximize both style and storage. Consider durable porcelain countertops for an elegant, refined aesthetic.

Soft butter yellow and various shades of green will rule palettes. Bring in color with wallpapered pantries and unexpected shades of wood-stained cabinetry. Complement these hues with neutral tones and soft textures to create an inviting atmosphere.

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