How a Spa Bathroom at Home Can Change Your Life and Your Property Value

How a Spa Bathroom at Home Can Change Your Life and Your Property Value | Jul 16, 2021

With the rocky year we’ve all had, it’s important to have a sanctuary in your own home where you can relax, unwind, and have a “Calgon, take me away” kind of experience. Establishing that personal space can do a lot of good for your mental health and well-being. But did you know it can also help increase your home’s value?

Bathroom renovations remain one of the most valuable home improvements. In fact, a midrange bathroom remodel can return up to 60% of your investment at the time of resale, according to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report.

“We believe that a well-designed bathroom can make you a better person, which may seem like a bold statement,” says Joseph A. Tsedaka, principal at Nomi, which specializes in luxury bathroom remodels. “For some, that means including spalike features so you can unwind after a stressful day.”

Creating a luxurious bathroom space that you never want to leave can be done with a few simple tricks. Here’s what the design experts have to say.

Spa additions

double shower head
Double the showers, double the spa experience.

(True Homes Photography )

If you’re trying to emulate luxury spas and saunas, providing the right shower experience is everything.

“Double showers are a must. We often recommend double showers with rain heads, hand-held features, and multiple faucets to create a truly relaxing experience,” says Tsedaka. He recommends adding a body sprayer, which can be customized to a homeowner’s height. 

Other deluxe features to consider include built-in speakers and heated floors, to avoid that nasty shock of stepping onto cold tile with your bare feet.

Tsedaka says another popular addition is a smart home feature that allows everything (including lights, audio, and even the shower) to be controlled from the homeowner’s phone or an iPad on the wall.

Choose high-quality materials

Photo by NOMI – Luxury Bathroom Remodel

“Even a neutral-tone bathroom can be elevated with finishes and hardware,” says Marlaina Teich of Marlaina Teich Designs in New York. “Choose unique tile for the shower, or consider marble chair rail molding around the bathroom for a classy, timeless look.”

Tsedaka says spa bathrooms tend to have more earthy materials like wood floors or natural stone in the shower.

“We love to use ipe wood, a naturally treated wood from Brazil that reacts excellently to water and moisture,” he says. “Teakwood also has a similar effect.”

Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors in Tulsa, OK, says thoughtfully curated mirrors can add to the look of your posh bathroom. Consider a classic rectangular mirror with a brass frame (CB2, $229) or something more geometric that’ll bring unique visual interest.


dual sinks
Dual sinks allow more personal space and privacy.

(True Homes Photography )

From toiletries to towels, the layout of your spa bathroom can add to the pleasing appearance.

“If you have the space, I would recommend installing a double vanity so each person has their own space, storage, and some privacy,” says Tsedaka.

He says it’s important to consider how you live, too. Do you actually take baths, or are you just including a bath for aesthetic reasons?

“We recommend coming from a place of functionality when considering the layout,” says Tsedaka.

For example, he says he prefers to have a drop-down tub if used frequently instead of a free-standing tub, which limits space.

“If you do have a free-standing tub, however, I always like to put it next to a window or a place where you can add a shelf to hold shampoo, soap, etc.,” says Tsedaka.


Adjust natural lighting with shades.

(Stoneside Blinds & Shades)

Lighting, whether it’s natural or added, gives your bathroom a calming ambiance and a sense of sophistication.

When working with natural light, you’ll want to pick the right type of shades.

“To let in light when you want it, while also allowing for a darker, relaxing atmosphere, consider transitional or roller shades in the bathroom,” says James Brewer, a design consultant from Stoneside Blinds and Shades.

As for electrical light, Tsedaka recommends three different types of lighting: normal can lights, mood lighting using a dimmer, and chromotherapy lighting for inside the shower. “This is LED lighting that can change to any color you want,” he says.

For mood lighting he suggests using 4 inches for can lights on dimmers instead of the traditional 6-inch can light. He also says under-cabinet lighting or step light can be great for middle-of-the-night use when you don’t want to have direct light.



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