Take a Daycation with ResortPass


Experience the world’s best hotels for the day, no overnight stay required.

•  Discover Daycations:  Select a date and explore pool, spa, beach access and more, at 1,000+ top hotels.

•  Book Confidently:  After booking, receive check-in instructions, parking details, and all necessary information.

•  Flexible Support and Cancellation:  Invite guests or cancel bookings as needed with support on our website or app.

•  Experience serenity with a spa pass starting at $35:  Enjoy a day of steamy saunas, cold plunges, pools, and more. Massages and other treatments may also be purchased, ensuring you leave feeling your very best.

•  Give a daycation:  Know someone who could use some pampering and relaxation in their life?  A day of luxury is the perfect gift.




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