Weekly Series 2: Roof Replacement

Homelight | Jan 28, 2021

We’re continuing in our Weekly Series of “The 7 Most Painfully Expensive Home Repairs to Avoid.”

Today, we’re covering “Roof replacements.”

The average homeowner spent a total of $4,832 on routine and emergency home repairs in 2019. However, some of the most expensive home repairs have the ability to wipe out your entire yearly maintenance savings and then some.

On top of being pricey, major problems like pest infections and structural instability can make your home difficult to market and sell, not to mention tank your property value. With this guide, real estate experts identify the worst home repairs for your wallet and offer expert insights into preventive maintenance and early detection.


Roof replacement ($5,000-$10,000)

Many homeowners, especially those in areas with a lot of sun, wind, and rain, are surprised when an inspection reveals the need for a new roof so soon. Robb Harrison, a top real estate agent in Ocala, FL, says that Florida weather can damage roofs prematurely, and a lack of ongoing maintenance can lead to irreparable problems.

“From the ground a roof can look amazing, but when someone gets up on the roof, you may find that it needs a new one,” says Harrison.

“It’s happened a few times where the inspection report came back that the house needed a new roof and everyone is shocked when it’s only been 15 or 20 years on 30-year shingles. You just really need to keep an eye on it.”

Estimated cost to repair: 

  • Low end: $3,500-$4,500
  • Average: $5,250-$10,500
  • High end: $12,000-$40,000

(Source: Fixr, estimates based on data from contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and more)

The good news is that a new roof adds value to your home. Data from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey for Q3 2019, featuring the expertise of over 400 real estate agents, found that a roof replacement costs an estimated $11,992, but recoups an average $10,842 for a 94% cost recovery.

Warning signs:
If you have a ladder long enough to see the roof safely, check for these red flags that it’s time for a roof replacement:

  • Missing or curling shingles
  • Missing flashing on chimneys or wall intersections
  • Nails that need to be tamped down

Stains, streaks, or water in the attic are additional signs of a roof problem.

Key prevention tactics:
Kennamer, the general contractor in Alabama, recommends keeping an eye on cracks in roof boots and flanges.

“If they are cracked, you can re-caulk them with an all-weather caulk or replace them if they are decayed. Usually, to do it yourself it would cost in the range of $20-$30 or to hire a professional it will range from $75-$150,” he says.

Consider these additional tips to preserve your roof:

Who to call for help:  Call CA Real Estate Group at (714) 476-4637 for our preferred roof experts or you can use the Better Business Bureau’s Roofing Contractors Near Me feature. When in doubt, cross-reference a few different sites to gauge client ratings and reviews for any particular roofer you’re considering.


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