Weekly Series 4: Mold Removal

Homelight | Jan 28, 2021

We’re continuing in our Weekly Series of “The 7 Most Painfully Expensive Home Repairs to Avoid.”

Today, we’re covering “Mold Removal.”

The average homeowner spent a total of $4,832 on routine and emergency home repairs in 2019. However, some of the most expensive home repairs have the ability to wipe out your entire yearly maintenance savings and then some.

On top of being pricey, major problems like pest infections and structural instability can make your home difficult to market and sell, not to mention tank your property value. With this guide, real estate experts identify the worst home repairs for your wallet and offer expert insights into preventive maintenance and early detection.


Mold removal ($1,000 – $4,000)

Mold spores are usually harmless in small numbers, but when they find a warm or wet space that has a surface they can live upon, they reproduce. Some mold is dangerous to health, while other molds cause decay to your home’s structure. Finding mold damage after it has gotten out of control can be costly to repair.

Estimated cost to repair: 

Average: $1,140
Low end: $60
High end: $4,300

(Source: Thumbtack, which tracks estimates from the millions of homeowners who use the site) 

Warning signs:
If you notice little black spots that creep up the wall behind your water heater, line your basement windowsill, or colonize the area behind your washing machine, you’ve got mold and should take action to remove it.

If you don’t see mold but people in your home are having unexplained allergic or coughing symptoms, you might want a mold inspection. A moldy odor, especially when paired with water damage or a discovery of moisture and leaks, can also be a warning sign.

Key prevention tactics:
If you find small areas of mold (less than a total of 10 square feet), you can take a bleach solution to it. However, cleaning up mold, whether with bleach or another gentler solution, will only handle the mold growth — not the spores.

After the area builds up a resistance to the homemade mixture, the mold will drink up any water you are feeding it. For larger jobs, you’re better off calling a professional mold remediation service. You should also watch your home’s humidity levels and improve ventilation to prevent further mold growth.

Who to call for help:  Call CA Real Estate Group at (714) 476-4637 for our preferred mold inspectors to evaluate the situation. Mold inspectors are well-versed in finding and mitigating mold and many will do free estimates for the extent of the work required.


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