Weekly Series 5: HVAC Replacement

Homelight | Jan 28, 2021

We’re continuing in our Weekly Series of “The 7 Most Painfully Expensive Home Repairs to Avoid.”

Today, we’re covering “HVAC Replacement.”

The average homeowner spent a total of $4,832 on routine and emergency home repairs in 2019. However, some of the most expensive home repairs have the ability to wipe out your entire yearly maintenance savings and then some.

On top of being pricey, major problems like pest infections and structural instability can make your home difficult to market and sell, not to mention tank your property value. With this guide, real estate experts identify the worst home repairs for your wallet and offer expert insights into preventive maintenance and early detection.


HVAC replacement ($7,000-$10,000)

An HVAC performs the essential function of keeping your home a comfortable temperature year-round. While an HVAC has a typical life expectancy of about 15 years, it can fail much sooner than that if you don’t properly maintain the unit. As a complex piece of machinery, it has also earned a reputation for being one of the most expensive items to replace or repair in a house.

Estimated cost to repair: 

  • Average: $7,000
  • High: $10,000
  • Low: $5,000

(Source: HomeAdvisor heating and cooling cost estimate guide)

Warning signs:
If your system is having trouble turning on and off or fails to keep the home at the comfortable temperature that you’re accustomed to, you’ll want to get the HVAC serviced. Checking for problems before your system stops can be the difference between a reasonably priced repair and an expensive replacement.

Key prevention tactics:
Yearly maintenance by professionals can help you catch concerns early. In addition, replacing the air filter every couple of months will help prevent wear and tear.

Who to call for help:  Call CA Real Estate Group at (714) 476-4637 for our preferred HVAC specialists to evaluate the situation, or check out BBB’s listings of HVAC Companies. Then check reviews on Google as well as around the web before selecting your top options for an HVAC company.


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