Weekly Series 7: Termite Damage

Homelight | Jan 28, 2021

We’re continuing in our Weekly Series of “The 7 Most Painfully Expensive Home Repairs to Avoid.”

Today, we’re covering “Termite Damage.”

The average homeowner spent a total of $4,832 on routine and emergency home repairs in 2019. However, some of the most expensive home repairs have the ability to wipe out your entire yearly maintenance savings and then some.

On top of being pricey, major problems like pest infections and structural instability can make your home difficult to market and sell, not to mention tank your property value. With this guide, real estate experts identify the worst home repairs for your wallet and offer expert insights into preventive maintenance and early detection.


Termite damage ($3,000)

If they can find it, termites love to eat the wood in a house. Often, homeowners only discover signs of termite damage after these destructive little pests have weakened the wood in their home to a significant extent. Mitigating this damage can cost a lot of money, so catching termite activity early is key.

Estimated cost to repair:
According to pest control specialist Orkin, $3,000 is the average amount people spend to mitigate termite damage.

Warning signs:
These signs of termite damage should be on your radar:

  • Wood that makes a hollow sound when tapped
  • Crumbling wood
  • Mud tubes on the side of your home’s foundation
  • Peeling paint
  • Mold or mildew smell
  • Wings, termite bodies, or termite droppings

Key prevention tactics: If you have the ability to avoid contact between wooden parts of your home and the ground, you can reduce your termite risk. Special layers and meshes exist to make it hard for termites to access the home. Moving mulch away from your foundation is also a good idea — you don’t want to create a “red carpet” for termites to waltz into your abode so easily.

Who to call for help: 

Who to call for help:  Call CA Real Estate Group at (714) 476-4637 for our preferred termite and pest control experts to evaluate the situation.  Sites with reviews like HomeAdvisor have information on your local pest control specialists; you can usually get a termite inspection from the company with the best reputation and then use their services for mitigation if needed.


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