What are automatic shut-offs?

What are automatic shut-offs?  Much like breakers within your home’s electric panel, did you know there are technologies available to stop or limit damage that may be caused by a gas or water leak as well?

Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valves were invented to limit the possibly disastrous consequences of gas leaks within the home, primarily as the result of an earthquake. As of 2000, all newly constructed buildings in California must install automatic earthquake shut-off valves. These devices (seen here in red) can be installed on older homes as well. More info here

Automatic Water Shut-Off Valves vary widely in their capabilities, and technological know-how requirement of their owners 😉 Control freaks rejoice! You can know within seconds if there is unwanted water anywhere in your home, and with a tap on your phone (or automatically of course), you can have the water turned off.
More info here

-Discounts on homeowners insurance may be available to homeowners who have these safety devices in place. Be sure to ask your agent!
-Ask your local, trusted plumber about suitability and installation.

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